The company was awarded of project of high-standard farmland construction (EPC) in Poyang County



August 13, the company won the contract of Poyang county 2019 high standard farmland construction project design procurement construction general contracting (EPC) bid Ⅱ, the price is about 73.5 million yuan, bid Ⅱ for Tianfan street town (Bishan village, Donghu village, Matou village, wangfan village, xinlian viliage, HuJia Village and Yongtan village), Jiantian street town(Chendun village, Dayuan village, MinQiao village) high standard farmland construction, a total area of 25400 mu, construction standard is 3000 yuan/mu, required to complete the project geological survey, measurement, and the preliminary design (including design budget), construction drawing design (including bill of quantities,excluding estimated budget), equipment procurement, engineering construction, equipment installation and trial operation, defect repair and warranty service within the liability period of engineering defects, etc.


High-standard farmland construction refers to the related activities of land leveling, soil improvement, irrigation and drainage, field roads, farmland protection and ecological environment maintenance, farmland transmission and distribution, and other engineering construction to comprehensively improve farmland quality, and ensure its efficient utilization.


The winning of this project has expanded the market scope of our company in the field of EPC project, increased the business competitiveness of our company's projects outside the province, and made another solid step for the healthy development of the company's transformation and upgrading.