Congratulations for the completion of our first overseas new energy project


On 16 June 2019, the completion ceremony of our company’s first overseas new energy project-Eco Seido Tuy Phong AC40MW/DC51MW Solar Power Project in Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam has been successfully launched,and our chairman Mr. Liu Guoqing attended the ceremony and gave speech.


This project is invested by Green Energy EcoSeido Co., Ltd. and is constructed under Engineering, Procurement andConstruction Model. After several rounds of negotiation,the Contract was officially signed on 10 October 2018 and the project commenced atDecember 2018. The project covers an area of 50 hectares and installed with51000 pieces of pile, 140000 pieces of PV modules and cable 750000 m long, thesigned contract price is 48 million USD.


Since the commencement, all our participatedstaff have successfully overcome the unfavorable factors such as thecomplicated topography and geology condition, too many types of pile, differentarea in geological conditions and have resolved the difficulties such as tightschedule, management of large construction area ect. all takes has been fullycompleted within 5 months. After grid connecting and commissioning, all indicatingindexes are normal, all performance parameters meet contract requirement.


Currently the project is operating well and stable,both social and economic benefits achieve as expected, and our company isawarded with “the prize of excellent construction company” by the Employer, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce of Vietnam gave high praise to theproject, and the completion of this project also has been specially reported byVietnam National Television.


the prize of excellent construction company      Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce                

The completion and operation of this project isa mile stone for our company, means that our company has opened a new chapterin new energy construction, means our company has forwarded a new step in thenew energy market in Vietnam, and also means the foundation has been laid forthe next 160MW solar power project at second stage.