Welcome the festival of July 1, and remember the revolutionary history



In order to carry forward and inherit the"revolutionary spirit of communist party members", firm ideals andbeliefs, strengthen our party's aimed awareness, enhance the cohesion and workenthusiasm of the majority of party members, the companysparty committee carried out a party member activity with the theme of "walkinginto the red Siming mountain and feeling revolutionary feelings" in YuyaoCity, Zhejiang province on June 14 2019

During the Anti-Japanese War period, Zhejiang east(Siming mountain) anti-japanese base area is, one of the 19 anti-Japanese basearea, there have been countless revolutionary volunteers here shed their headsand blood, created the glorious history of the Chinese communist party led thepeople to save the country and save national crisis.


All party members followed the footsteps of the revolutionary martyrs to visit the old site of the communist party of zhejiang east administrative office.


With the high respect for the revolutionaries, the party members visited and listened to the heroic deeds of the revolutionary predecessors, deeply felt the hard years of the revolutionary martyrs who flew in flames of war, and the persistent pursuit of ideals and beliefs.


Siming mountain revolutionary martyrs monumentis located in the lion mountain on the west side of liangnong town, Yuyao city.It is an important building to commemorate the martyrs of the anti-japanesebase in eastern Zhejiang province and the martyrs of the revolutionary base ineastern zhejiang province during the war of liberation. Comrades with a heavyheart, bow before the monument, silent tribute, memory of heroes, martyrs. Thenunder the leadership of the party committee leader comrade Guo Zhenggang, allparty members hold high the right hand, facing the bright red party flagsolemnly oath, determined to set martyrs as example, to, strict requirements ontheir own as per the party constitution as the standard, actively fulfill thesacred mission as a communist party member.


By this party member activity, the company will carry forward the red culture together with the party member education, throughvisits the historical site relic, the martyr monument and so on the way, causesthe party member to be touched in imperceptibly, receives the education. To setthe older generation of proletarian revolutionaries and model figures as example,improve self sense of responsibility and sense of mission, step foot down onthe ground to wholeheartedly do their own work, continuous efforts and progressto be a qualified communist party member.